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Why own a fleet of Smart Pizza?

The restaurant in a box industry is flourishing. The Covid-19 crisis has strengthened the need for people to get quality food contactless. The secret, just like in real estate, is the location! Once a good location is found, you can be certain to make money quickly.  

Smart Pizza how it works

How does the Smart Pizza Machine work?

Smart Pizza must be seen as a super sales companion that will sell pizzas anytime, anywhere, to anyone. The operators only need to focus on making great pizzas. This is how Smart Pizza works:   

Smart Pizza USA Vending Machine

What is the Smart Pizza?

Smart Pizza is a great opportunity to sell quality pizzas without the inconveniences associated with owning a brick and mortar restaurant. If you dream of earning a great income by having a pizzeria of your own but worry about large overhead costs, or currently own a pizzeria but are spending too much on supporting non-peak hours, then Smart Pizza is made for you!  

Smart Pizza Vending Machine USA Vending Market Watch

API Tech launches Smart Pizza in the USA

In 2019, API Tech opened an office in New York. As the largest pizza and vending market, the USA presents a huge opportunity for Smart Pizza. Detlev Goedbloedis currently looking for distributors to promote Smart Pizza throughout the country. He says: “It’s a great opportunity to diversify their offer, reach a new audience, and benefit by offering maintenance and accessories such as pizza boxes, trolleys and transport containers.”

pizza vending machine customize

Your personalized vending machine

Getting your pizza vending machine to feature your cooking skills without featuring your identity? Inconceivable! With Smart Pizza, you get a large choice of personalization. 

invest foodtech

Invest in an innovative business with Smart Pizza

The booming FoodTech

Services and companies specialised in FoodTech are growing increasingly. They answer to gustatory, environmental or access issues. Creation, production and distribution, every link of the chain is impacted by the FoodTech. The evolution of consumption in general as well as the evolution of uses have largely inspired the Smart Pizza concept.

Match the needs in our time

Pizza machine quality

Preserve your know-how with Smart Pizza!

Designed to precisely meet the needs of pizza chefs, Smart Pizza machine uses a configurable hearth oven. Thus, the pizzaiolo doesn’t change his unique way of making pizzas and perpetuate his know-how! How? Find out by reading the following explanations:

1st step: Preparation Prepare your pizzas as you normally do. Use your dough, sauces and toppings as usual.

Smart Pizza Business

Manage your pizza business like a chef!

The Smart Pizza management software has many features designed to make the owner’s business easy. From any device (computer, smartphone, tablet), the pizzaïolo manages his stock and sales at his convenience.  

Smart Pizza vending machine - UK

Seducing the British market

From November 13th to 15th, the European Pizza & Pasta Show gathered all the professionals of Italian food in the Olympia London.

Smart Pizza benefits

6 good reasons to get a Smart Pizza

The hearth oven The quality of your pizzas is closely related to a perfect baking. Thanks to the Smart Pizza integrated hearth oven, your pizza keeps its taste. Toppings preserved, crusty dough...this type of baking prevents you from delivering soggy or dry pizzas. Your clients are satisfied and loyal!