Smart Pizza


Smart Pizza is a brand new generation of distributor built with industrial quality components. A reliable unit which will make your business more efficient and modern, Smart Pizza is more than an automatic distributor, it is an autonomous distributor. In fact it takes charge of all the daily repetitive tasks. Once configured to the way you work, Smart Pizza will be your daily companion.


API Tech

It is important that you know the manufacturer of your distributor well, and they must provide you with a certain number of guarantees. We have designed Smart Pizza based on a set of rigorous specifications, the main two being: Reliability and Ease of Use. Surprisingly the two go together. The more a machine is well designed, the more likely it is to be reliable: the end result being that it is simple to use and simple in terms of maintenance. For more than 13 years Apitech has been managing industrial automatons. The constraints are such that approximations are not authorised. Some of our components are gas proof, and other electric components are water resistant to a depth of 1 metre. The belt-drives are used in an industrial environment with conditions that the Smart Pizza will never have to experience. Certain belt actuated linear guides have a product lifetime estimated by the producer to be 53 years. Furthermore, I'll let you in on trade secret... reliability is profitable in the long term. Not long ago API Tech joined the Mentor Group which offered them the resources, ambitions and stability necessary in their activity. API Tech will be pleased to provide you with all the necessary guarantees to make you comfortable about your decision.



A market with steady growth

After the USA, France is the second largest market for pizzas with 819 million sold in 2015, generating sales of 6.5 billion Euros. However, France is the number one market for the automatic distribution of pizzas, with the largest number of units in service!

+ 55% growth in pizza sales using a pizza distributor

With more than 250 distributors, the sales of pizzas in distributors increased by 55% from 2014 to 2015. Pizzerias are creating networks of 3, 4, 5 and up to 9 distributors. In 2016, we found that 56% of pizza distributor owners have several machines. Consumers are turning towards this new consumption pattern, which brings together rapidity, freedom and conviviality. They want access at any time of the day to fresh and traditional pizzas made by traditional pizzerias. Smart Pizza perfectly responds to this new consumer demand, which over the last few years has transformed into a market with exponential  growth potential!


Pizza market key figures

The pizza market in France is enormous. To be precise, it is the second largest in the world, just after the USA. Each year more than 819 million pizzas are sold in France (29 pizzas eaten every second, and that is just in France...).

  • 10kg of pizzas are eaten per inhabitant per year in France, compared with only 5kg in Italy, 4kg in Germany and 13kg in the USA.
  • 328,000mt of pizzas are eaten in France each year.
  • 30 billion pizzas eaten in the world each year.
  • Just in France, 1.22 billion pizzas are eaten each year.
  • 15,287 pizzerias in France in 2011.
  • 6.5 billion Euros in sales generated by the pizza market in France, on average each year.
  • 819 million pizzas eaten in France in 2015, generating sales of nearly 6 billion Euros.
  • 18% of the turnover of a pizzeria relates to raw material purchases, compared with 25% in a classic restaurant.
  • 43% of customers find the publicity on pizza boxes creative and original, 30% think it is interesting, and 9% think it boring.
  • 38% of consumers keep their pizza leftovers for more than a day! 47% keep them for half a day, whereas 15% throw them away within the hour.
  • 47% of consumers eat their pizza straight out of the box, 42% use plates, and only 11% put the pizza on a serving plate.
  • 21,000 Is the total number of points of sale for pizzas in France (restaurants, kiosks, delivery points, pizza trucks...).
  • 88% of restaurant owners/managers have modified and improved their pizza recipes since they opened their restaurant.
  • 38% of pizzerias or Italian restaurants propose a takeaway pizza as a secondary service.
  • 89% of pizzerias/Italian restaurants in France do not propose pizza by the slice (which means that only 11% of them do propose this option). This is flagrantly different to Italian or American pizzerias which have a real culture of the pizza slice.
  • 92% of consumers are principally concerned with the quality of the pizza. 42% are looking for something different and original while 24% choose the cheapest pizza.
  • 80% of pizzeria sales in France is made up by 4 main recipes: Regina (Reine), Margherita, Calzone and Orientale.
  • 22,372 was the number of dedicated pizza outlets in France in 2012, of which 1,878 were home delivery services and 207 kiosks.
  • 5,000 pizza trucks were registered in France in 2011.
  • 31cm is the average size of a commercially sold pizza in France, compared with 32cm in 2012
  • €6.28 is the average price of a pizza in France for 2015. A pizza is more expensive in an Italian restaurant at  €10.54. A takeaway pizza costs on average €10.07. But it is the home delivery which is the most expensive at €12.10.
  • 10% of pizzas are sold as takeaways or home delivered: trucks, distributors, home delivery service... Supermarkets have 24% of the pizza sales in France and mass catering represents 15% of the market.